"The Elements" by J.Emsley on Oxford University Press 1991 ISBN 0-19-855568-7
Good reference book with values for many properties of the elements, but lacks good description of elements.

"Cluster Molecules of p-block elements" by C.E.Housecraft on Oxford University Press 1994 ISBN 0-19-855698-5
Introduces many interesting compounds based on geometrical polyhedra, but insists on calling a dodecadeltahedron just a dodecahedron, which I suppose it is, sort of, but confusing.


"The Periodic Table of the Elements" by Puddephatt & Monaghan on Oxford University Press 1988 ISBN 0-19-855516-4
Covers trends and periodicities in the periodic table.

"Molecules" by P.W.Atkins on Freeman ISBN 0-7167-6004-5
Interesting collection of everyday common molecules

"Perfect Symmetry" by J.Baggot on Oxford University Press 1996 ISBN 0-19-855789-2
A 'popular science' book on Buckminster-Fullerenes and other near-spherical carbon allotropes.

"Designing the Molecular World" - Chemistry at the Frontier, by Philip Ball on Princetown Scientific 1994 ISBN 0-691-02900-8
Very readable and extremely interesting account of the exciting new properties in new chemical substances.

"The Elements on Earth" - Inorganic chemistry in the environment by P.A.Cox on Oxford University Press 1995 ISBN 0-19-855905-8
A very readable descriptive account of most elements involved in environmental factors on Earth with special emphasis on those elements good or bad to plants and animals. Only scant reference is made to any other elements found on Earth or to transuranic or radioactive elements. Although published by an English university, sulphur is consistently spelt the American way as sulfur, although he manages to spell aluminium the English way.

"Chemical Bonding in Solids" by J.K.Burdett on Oxford University Press 1995 ISBN 0-19-508992-8
A rather expensive and technical account of bonding, with emphasis on the three dimensional structure of metals and non-metals. Strangely omits any mention of quadruple bonding by delta bonds in rhenium and technetium.


"The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Minerals" ed. Dr.A.Wooley on Hamlyn 1978 ISBN 0 600 36263 9

"The MacDonald Encyclopaedia of Rocks and Minerals" on MacDonald Orbis 1987 ISBN0-356-09147-3

"Rocks, Minerals and Gemstones" by W.Schuman on HarperCollins 1992 ISBN 0.00.219909-2

"Rocks and Minerals" by C.Pelant on Dorling Kindersley 1992 ISBN 0-86318-810-9
Unlike the smaller book on minerals by the same publisher which makes an excellent gift for children, this book doesn't mention any unusual properties of the minerals.

"Minerals" by R.Hochleitner on Barrons 1992 ISBN 0-8120-1777-3

"Rocks and Minerals" by F.H.Pough on Peterson 1953/88 ISBN 0-395-24049-2
Fairly dated book with interesting unusual properties bias.

"Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Minerals and Rocks" J.Kourimansky on Sunburst 1995 ISBN 1-85778-088-4
Excellent long chatty style with slight Czech Republic mineral location bias. Not comprehensive, but good large photos.

"Meteorites" by R.Hutchinson & A.Graham on HMSO 1992 ISBN 0-11-310035-3
Excellent short booklet typical of Natural History Museum.

"Agates" by A.C.Bishop & W.D.I Rolfe on HMSO (NHM) 1989 ISBN 0-11-310012-4

"Gemstones" by C.Woodward & R.Harding on HMSO (NHM) 1987 ISBN 0-565-01011-5

"Minerals of the Lake District - Caldbeck Fells" by Cooper & Stanley on British Museum 1990 ISBN 0-565-01102-2
Many unique or rare minerals detailed.

"Minerals of Cornwall & Devon" by Embrey &" Symes on British Museum 1987 ISBN 0-565-00989-3

"A Mineralogy of Wales" by R.E.Bevins on National Museum of Wales 1994 ISBN ?-???-??????-?


"The Age of the Earth" by J.Thackray on HMSO (Geological Museum) 1980 ISBN 0-11-884077-0
Good introduction to radiological and other dating methods.

"Moon, Mars and Meteorites" by P.Adams on HMSO (Geological Museum) 1977 ISBN 0-11-880672-6

"The Age of the Earth" G.Brent Dalrymple on Stanford University Press 1991 ISBN 0-8047-2331-1
Specialist book with readable account covering all aspects on measuring the age of the Earth.

"Introduction to CosmoChemistry" by C.R.Cowley on Cambridge University Press 1995 ISBN 0-521-45920-6
Specialist book on the synthesis of the elements in space and within stars. Misleading title - gives no info on the actual chemistry of the elements in space. Expensive.

"Simulating the Earth" by Holoway & Wood on Unwin Hyman 1988 ISBN 0-04-445255-1
Specialist book on experimental high-pressure geochemistry of rocks and solids.

"Inside a Planet" by G.H.A.Cole on Hull University Press 1986 ISBN 0-85958-452-6
An excellent 'popular science' book on the formation of planets and their internal structure and composition.


"Optics" by Hecht on Addison-Wesley 1987 ISBN 0-201-11611-1
Specialist book missing out only on phase conjugate mirrors

"Optoelectronics, an introduction" by J.Wilson & J.F.B.Hawkes 1983 ISBN 0-13-638353-X
Especially valuable for in-depth insight into workings of lasers. New edition out.

"Modern Batteries" by C.A.Vincent et al 1984 on Edward Arnold ISBN 0-7131-3469-0
Progress on batteries is very slow, still a valuable book.

"The New Physics" ed. P.Davies 1986 on Cambridge University Press ISBN 0-521-30420-2
Covers many aspects on new discoveries in physics, but strangely nothing on heavy fermion compounds. Expensive, but luckily there is now a cheaper paperback version available.

"Quanta" by P.W.Atkins 1991 on Oxford University Press ISBN 0-19-855573-3
More a dictionary of quantum effects, comprehensive but strangely omits any mention of the Casimir effect or the Aharanov-Bohm effect.

"An Introduction to Solid State Physics" by C.Kittel 1996 on Johm Wiley ISBN 0-471-11181-3
A classic text, but heavy going, hardback only.

"And Yet it Moves" by M.P.Silverman on Cambridge University Press 1993 ISBN 0-521-44631-7
A 'popular science'? book on quirks and oddities in the quantum world.

"Statistical Physics" by T.Geunault on Chapman & Hall 1988 ISBN 0-412-57920-0
Covers Maxwell-Boltzman, Fermi-Dirac and Bose-Einstein statistics with bias on cryogenics. Not a dice in sight!

"Taming the Atom" by H.C.V.Baeyer on Viking 1993 ISBN 0-670-84017-3
A 'popular science' book on measurements on single atoms.


"Fundamental Particles" by B.G.Duff on Taylor & Francis 1986 ISBN 0-85066-332-6
Still remarkably up-to-date considering the age. Not much has happened since 1986.

"The Atomic Nucleus" J.M.Read 1986 on Manchester University Press ISBN 0-7190-0978-2
Don't judge a book by its cover, this one's got an awful one.

"Frontiers of Modern Physics" by T.Rothman et al 1985 on Dover ISBN 0-486-24587-X
A 'popular science' book on aspects on Cosmology, Relativity and Black Holes.

"The problems of Physics" by A.J.Leggett 1987 on Oxford Paperbacks ISBN 0-19-289186-3
A 'popular science' book on several unsolved problems in physics. Cheap too.

"Particle Physics, a Los Alamos primer" ed. Cooper & West 1988 on Cambridge University Press ISBN 0-521-34780-7
A bit heavy going, not for the newcomer.

"Nuclear and Particle Physics" W.S.C.Williams 1991 on Oxford University Press ISBN 0-19-852046-8
Very approachable (in parts)

"The ideas of Particle Physics" by Coughlan & Dodd 1991 on Cambridge University Press ISBN 0-521-38677-2
A bit heavy going, not for the newcomer.

"Superstrings" by F.D.Peat on Cardinal 1988 ISBN 0-7474-0583-2
A 'popular science' book on superstrings and TOE theories.


"Experimental Low Temperature Physics" by A.Kent on Macmillan 1993 ISBN 0-333-519951-5
Slight emphasis on experimental technique, but useful insight.


"Cosmic Rays" by M.W.Friedlander on Harvard University Press 1989 ISBN0-674-17459-3
A very accessible account of all aspects of Cosmic and Solar rays.

"Spaceship Neutrino" by C.Sutton on Cambridge University Press 1992 ISBN 0-521-36703-4
A very accessible account of all aspects of Neutrinos.

"Physics and Astrophysics - a Selection of Key Problems" by Ginzberg on Pergammon 1985 ISBN 0-08-026499-9
A 'popular science' book on a few unsolved problems.

"Sun, Earth and Sky" by K.R.Lang on Springer-Verlag 1995 ISBN 3-540-58778-0
The best section is definitely on the workings of the sun. As with all Springer-Verlag books, overpriced!

"Supernova" by D.Goldsmith on Oxford University Press 1990 ISBN 0-19-286116-6
A 'popular science' book.

"Nemesis" by R.Muller on Mandarin 1989 ISBN 0-7493-0465-0
A 'popular science' book on our hypothetical? companion star.

"Mars and the Development of Life" by Anders Hannson on John Wiley 1997 ISBN 0-471-96606-1

"Supernovae and NucleoSynthesis" by David Arnett on Princetown 1996 ISBN 0-691-01147-8
A bit heavy going in places and rather expensive.


"Cosmology" by M.Rowan-Robinson on Oxford University Press 1981 ISBN 0-19-851858-7
Still useful as an introduction to Cosmology despite the passage of years

"The Primeval Universe" by J.V.Narliker on Oxford Paperbacks 1988 ISBN 0-19-289214-2
A 'popular science' book on cosmology, I should read it sometime!

"The structure of the Universe" by J.V.Narliker on Oxford Paperbacks 1978 ISBN 0-19-289082-4
A 'popular science' book on cosmology with extra slant on continual creation theories.

"100 Billion Suns" by R.Kippenhahn on Unwin 1980 ISBN 0-04-523003-X
A 'popular science' book on the life history of stars, including supernovae.

"The First Three Minutes" by S.Weinberg on Flamingo 1977 ISBN 0-00-654024-4
A 'popular science' book on the 1st 3 minutes in the evolution of the Universe, still applicable today despite its age.

"Black Holes" by J-P.Luminet on Cambridge University Press 1987 ISBN 0-521-40906-3
A 'popular science' book on Black Holes

"The Accidental Universe" by P.C.W.Davies on Cambridge University Press ISBN 0-521-28692-1
A 'popular science' book on the incredible coincidences in the values of fundamental constants necessary for physics as we know it.


"Dictionary of Scientific Units" by Jerrard & McNeil on Chapman & Hall 1992 ISBN 0-412-46720-8
Has almost every unit in that has ever been used or proposed. The only ones I can think of that are absent are: PNdB, Leq, Plank Time, Plank Length, Plank Mass and Greens Number!

"Too Hot to Handle" by F.Close on Penguin 1991 ISBN 0-14-015926-6
A 'popular science' book and historical account of the non-sense and non-science in the Cold Fusion fiasco.

"The book of numbers" by Conway & Guy on Springer-Verlag 1996 ISBN 0-387-97993
A largely mathematical book dealing also with 3 dimensional packing and shapes. Recommended.

"Mathematical Models" (3rd edition) by Cundy & Rollett on Tarquin 1961/1989 so old it hasn't got an ISBN number. Last reprint 1989. A book on three dimensional solids and polyhedra, with nets for making cardboard models.

"The Anthropic Cosmological Principal" by Barrow & Tipler on Oxford UP, 1986 ISBN 0-19-282147-4.
A popular science book on Life, The Universe, and, well, Everything. Deep Thought wrongly suggested that the answer was 42, but rather, the answer is to be found on PAGE 42.