A short, but extremely intense pulse of X-rays can be generated by passing an electric current from massive banks of charged capacitors through a three dimensional grid of either tungsten or titanium wires. As the electrical current melts the wires forming a plasma of electrons and nuclei, and because the plasma has an electrical conductivity far higher than the molten metal, the plasma gets pinched (the Z-pinch) into the centre by the magnetic field created by the current pulse, creating an intense pulse of X-rays, second in intensity only to a nuclear bomb. A 100 kJoule pulse of X-rays lasting 100 nano seconds has been produced from an electrical pulse of 18 Mega Amps (This being 50 TeraWatts of power).

The pyro-electric effect in some crystals like lithium tantalate can be so strong as to be able to generate X-rays just by heating the material in a dilute gas. See Pyro-Fusion.

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