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!Isotopes, Isotopes - The Manual, and Info for Isotopes

!Isotopes is a RiscOS program being a graphical database containing information on 3000 plus known stable or radioactive isotopes of all known elements up to element 118, displayed on a Segre chart.

There is in addition a full HTML manual for !Isotopes included with the program !Isotopes; but this is not it. This, INFO for ISOTOPES, is the HTML set for !Isotopes the program, and is a full nuclear physics tutorial. [!Isotopes has been highly praised by some members employed in the nuclear division of the Department of Trade for Industry].

1 - If you cannot see the page-end sign  at the foot of each page then there is more of the page than meets the eye; scroll down until you can read all of the page. Note that both CHAPTER and CONTENTS menus each side also scroll up and down.

2 - Wherever you see this sign [POP] or [Pop Out Pages], the selected link will pop out a page. These pages are buff-coloured rather than blue-paper textured as for the body of this set. You can close the buff coloured pages after reading them without closing this frame-set.

There is a SUBJECT INDEX in the extreme right-hand column, the 4th column, but because some users may not have a screen-mode wide enough to see it, the subject index can also be accessed as a Pop Out Page from the 'CHAPTER' menu. This is a fully linear web-based set, there is no branch-like structure nor hidden pages: all the pages are accessible from the 'CONTENTS' menu which is long but scrollable, (or in the case of Elemental Data, from either the image maps in the Periodic Table Data, which is also accessible from the Subject Menu). Moreover, all links (except the ones on this page alone) are internal, none go to external web-sites; you need not use this on-line.

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