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Outdoor Pursuits
Walking, Hiking and Backpacking around the Lake District. Bargeing around the country in canal boats. Supping ale in canalside beer gardens. Plodding 10 miles in torrential rain to the pub.

Indoor pursuits
Going to Classical concerts. Playing 'Oh Hell', bar-billiards, pool and 3's and 5's dominos - all whilst supping ale in the vault sheltering from the torrential rain outside. Falling asleep during Mozart performances. Forgetting to attend Mahler concerts.

Photography, programming computers running the RiscOS operating system, listening to classical, folk, and rock music of the 1960's and 1970's, accidentally buying the same CD twice

The 'Yates to Yates' ale trail of the Lake District, visiting every Yates' pub. As the number and location of Yates' pubs varies from year to year, the 'Yates to Yates' walk is not as well defined as some other better known 'Toast to Toast' routes.

Essence of Bog - perfume for men. Smell like you've just finished a most enduring and arduous bog trot on the sodden moorland fells. Splash it on! Become - THE BOG MAN. Ideal for posing in full outdoor gear in Keswick, having secretly just come out of the pub.

Culinary Expertise
Recommendation: Rice pudding and apple pie a la carte blanche for breakfast. Philosophy: Never use just one cooking pan when you can make do with all of them. Speciality: Burnt Toast and raw sausage.

Previous occupation before taking very early retirement:
Electronics Engineer in the Acoustics Department at Salford Loonyversity, 1966 - 2002.

Totally inept at repairing broken wirelesses, gramophones, hairdriers, hi-fi's, TV's, computers, videos, microwave ovens, domestic robots, medical X-ray'ers, linear accelerators, navigation satellites, sonic screwdrivers, quantum improbability drives, tele-transporters, holographic de-convolvors, space-time transvertors, quantum uncertainty resolvers, or repairing any Global devastation of the planetary eco-system. But I know a man who can.

© R.W. Darlington 1986/2004
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